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Radio Control Systems are designed for use with Crane Rail and Railroad Track lift systems. Our Radio Control Systems are among the most safe and advanced in the world with 100% Error Free Transmission.

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  • Solo 400i Series Radio Control System

    Solo 400i Series

  • Alpha 500 Series Radio Control System

    Alpha 500 Series

  • Alpha 3000 Series Radio Control System

    Alpha 3000 Series

Safety Features

  • receiver self-diagnosing
  • transmitter self-diagnosing long travel startup warning
  • transmitter low-voltage detection and warning
  • transmitter and receiver MAIN deactivation when the transmitter:
    • is not in use
    • during transmitter low-voltage
    • when the system is in sleep mode.

100% Error Free Transmission

Advanced microprocessor with highly evolved software that has redundant error checking and correcting capabilities to ensure 100% error-free transmission, decoding, and control of all output relays. This highly evolved software includes advanced CRC (Cyclical Redundancy Check) and Hamming Code Error (Error Recovery) programming.

Safe Design

Solo 400i Series Radio Control SystemSafety features include receiver self-diagnosing, transmitter self-diagnosing long travel startup warning, transmitter low-voltage detection and warning, transmitter and receiver MAIN deactivation when the transmitter is not in use, during transmitter low-voltage, and when the system is in sleep mode.

One Million Press Cycle

Custom designed 2-step push-buttons are extremely durable and reliable for a minimum of up to one million press cycles. Unlike most of the 2-step push-buttons available from other radio control manufacturers, these push-buttons are easily manipulated even when the operator is wearing gloves. The snap action push-button provides positive tactile feedback to the operator.

Familiar Pendant Design

Solo 400i Series Radio Control System InsidesOur transmitter design mimics existing push button pendants making it instantly familiar to operators all over the world. Its lightweight and compact design is easy to carry and operate. Transmitters are furnished with belt clips and a suspension bracket is also supplied for fixed installations.

Synthesized RF

Our receiving unit is equipped with a PLL synthesized RF module with 30 user-selectable channels (frequencies) adjusted via simple dip switch settings. The RF module includes an internal antenna for your convenience. Our optional high gain external antenna is available at additional cost.

Main Safety Relay

For added safety our advanced design utilizes a special Safety Relay for the Main EMS circuit. If the receiver MAIN relay is defective (Example: Fails to open in response to a Stop command) a fault will be detected and the system will shutdown (open) all output relays immediately.

Waterproof & Durable

The transmitter and receiver enclosures are fully sealed to prevent ingress of dust, water, oil, grease, alkaline and acids (not intended for submerged operation). Enclosures are manufactured from high grade composite materials that are resistant to high impacts and deformation due to long term exposure to heat, sunlight and harsh environments.

No Site License RequiredSolo 400i Series Radio Control System Insides

All systems are in full compliance with the FCC Part-15 Rules, European Directives (CE/CB) and Industry Canada specifications. No site license is required.

One Year Guarantee

Warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase, parts only, contact the factory for details.

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